Suboxone Treatment at

Pittsburgh Family Practice

Learn More About Our Suboxone Treatment Program in Pittsburgh, PA


We offer Suboxone and Buprenorphine assisted opioid recovery.  Buprenorphine is the active ingredient in the brand drug Suboxone, as well as in Zubsolv and other generic forms.  Several years ago it was sold under the brand Subutex, that brand has been discontinued. 

Recovery is a very personal journey, no two people get to this destination by the exact same path, because of this we do not attempt to squeeze everyone into a predetermined mold.  Being a smaller, private office we have the flexibility to accommodate many different needs within the parameters of our office policies. 


     Vivitrol is a monthly injection. It is another option to help the recovery process. Vivitrol, like Suboxone works to eliminate the sickness and cravings of withdrawal.  Most insurances help cover the cost of this of this treatment. 



Your privacy is our main priority, we would never reveal any information about you to anyone without your written permission. 


Counseling is beneficial and vital to many people through the recovery process and we do recommend counseling to all of our patients.  Counseling is not a requirement for Suboxone/Buprenorphine treatment in our office and we do not offer counseling within our office, but we are more than willing to assist those wishing to find a counselor. 


Everyone is different, some people need to be on Suboxone for a few months, while others need to be on it longer.  There is no way to predict how long you will need to be on the medicine, only time will tell.  We do not impose any specific length of treatment and there will never be any pressure or coercion to make you stop your treatment.  When you think you are ready to start the detox process we will detox you at a rate that is comfortable for your specific needs.